Doug Reid, Co-Chair
Case for Support

Why This?  Why Now?

My reasons for taking on this leadership role are quite personal.  The Halifax Grammar School is a very important part of our family’s life.  Our daughter Lily is a Grade 8 student who is thriving in all aspects of the school’s four pillars – academics, athletics, arts, and altruism.  Grammar is having a profound impact on her love of learning and her character, and is enabling her to develop skills that will serve her well for the rest of her life.  With all that Grammar and its wonderful teachers are doing for our daughter, our family feels a responsibility to give back to the school in whatever way we can.  

We do this in two ways: charitable giving and volunteerism.  Five years ago, our family chose Grammar as our "charity of choice". This means is that we have made what is, for our family, a "stretch" financial commitment to the School that continues for a further five years that supports both this campaign as well as annual operating priorities.

We support a number of community organizations but we feel that Grammar needs and deserves a special focus in our charitable giving. Grammar is doing important work and it does not yet have a broad, well-established donor base like some other organizations in our community. 

In terms of volunteerism, my wife Maureen is and has been an active member of the Grammar’s Board of Governors, and lends her time and talents to the school in other ways as well.  Having been involved in numerous capital campaigns for other organizations over the years, it is now my turn to do what I can to contribute to Grammar’s well-being and success.  I am honoured to co-chair the Campus of the Future Campaign with Scott McCrea and to work with a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who are committed to seeing Grammar thrive for the next fifty years and beyond. 


Doug Reid