Dimitra'18 and Noelle Tsimiklis'19

Head Girl Dimitra Tsimiklis and her sister, Noelle, have spent their entire academic lives at Grammar. Now, with Dimitra set to graduate this year and Noelle one year later, the two agreed that the time was ripe to give back, and show the school just how much it has meant to them over the years.

Both extremely passionate about Grammar and their experiences here, Dimitra and Noelle are proud to be the first two students to make a personal donation to the Engaging Excellence Campaign.

“There is a strong community at Grammar that you really can’t find anywhere else,” says Dimitra. “We have amazing teachers and leaders in our school, and we are small enough that we all know each other and support one another, like a family. When you care about the people you’re around and when they care about you, it makes for the best experience, and that is exactly what we’ve had at Grammar.”

Dimitra'18, Mikelle'29 and Noelle'19.

Dimitra'18, Mikelle'29 and Noelle'19.

As this year's Head Girl of student council, Dimitra reflects fondly on the opportunities she’s had to make a real difference for her peers and her community. From raising awareness to raising funds, Dimitra has felt the incredible support of Grammar’s staff in all of her endeavors, including fundraisers for student council and mental health workshops for her peers.

Similarly, Noelle has also witnessed the unrelenting dedication of Grammar’s teachers and staff over the years, time and time again. Whether through inspiration in the classroom, or volunteer opportunities with the Prep School where Noelle reads with grade two students, she believes that the staff at Grammar go out of their way to offer the best possible experiences to every student, right across the board.

"If you have an interest or a goal at Grammar, the teachers and the staff do everything they can to help you achieve it," says Noelle. "Even if it’s not school related, they care. That’s what makes Grammar so amazing."

As they near the end of their time at Grammar, Noelle and Dimitra are thrilled to know that their youngest sister, Mikelle, now in grade one at the school, will benefit from a similar experience. For her, their donations to the Engaging Excellence Campaign will help realize a new vision and new reality at Grammar, with new and improved facilities, a stunning learning commons and spaces for all students to learn and grow.

“Grammar has given us so many opportunities and experiences we’ll never forget,” says Dimitra. “Now it’s time for us to say thank you, and to make these opportunities possible for Mikelle and others in the community. We can’t wait to see Grammar’s new home!”