Dr. Anila Najaf, MBBS


"My kids have come out of their shells, and are confident in any situation. For that, I give a lot of credit to Grammar.

-Anila Najaf

When Dr. Anila Najaf and her husband Dr. Nadeem arrived in Halifax in 2008, one of their top priorities was to find an exceptional school to send their young children to. As accomplished academics themselves, finding a school in their new country that would really challenge their children intellectually was of the utmost importance.

“What attracted us to Grammar initially was the fact that the school had excellent academic programming, and an IB program for older students,” says Dr. Najaf. “But when we arrived at the school and met the staff, we knew that academics was just the beginning of what Grammar could offer.”

Indeed, what Dr. Najaf and her husband found at Grammar was a supportive environment that drove their children’s development in every facet, from scholastics to socialization. Being new to Canada, Dr. Najaf’s two children began their journey at Grammar as introverts, but today, with the help of Grammar’s teachers, staff and peers over the years, Dr. Najaf’s children are more confident than ever.

“Both of my kids have always had a very strong work ethic, but they were very shy when they were younger. Now, thanks to ongoing support and unique opportunities at the school like the drama club, my kids have come out of their shells, and are confident in any situation. For that, I give a lot of credit to Grammar.”

In an effort to help the school continue to provide meaningful educations and experiences for its students, Dr. Najaf is thrilled to give back as a Grammar board member and donor to the Engaging Excellence Campaign.

“The school has done a lot for our family, and for the community. Halifax is growing, new immigrants are coming, and there are many more families who can benefit from the school. Our support enables this, helping Grammar to become equipped with more facilities and more resources, to improve the lives of even more people in our community. There are few things that could be more important.”