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Dear Grammar Community Member,

Remarkable progress has been made on the Tower Road expansion since we first broke ground less than six months ago, on May 30, 2017.

To get a tangible sense of that progress, I encourage you to visit, where you can watch our new school come to life in a time-lapse video spanning June 12 to November 16 (click on “Our new home”).

In that video, you will see that our roof is now on – just in time for the cold and snow – and more than 80,000 Nova Scotia-made bricks are fast climbing the exterior walls. Soon to follow will be more than eighty windows and the glass of the extraordinary atrium. Then, around the holiday break, we will begin our work on the interior.

We have so much to celebrate – and still so much still to do.

Almost sixty years ago, our founders – parents and supporters like you – started Grammar with a simple mission: challenge conventional thinking and aspire to excellence. They modeled this mission by giving generously, both physically and financially, to create this exceptional school. Then successive generations of Grammar parents and students, alumni and friends, inspired by the founders’ generosity and vision, continued with a similar passionate commitment, investing in Grammar’s continued growth. Now, it is our time to make a difference.

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, we have made significant progress toward our goal of raising $10 million dollars. In fact, we have only $1.6 million left to go. It is important to emphasize that every contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant difference. Each is a meaningful step toward realizing our One Grammar vision.

To help in this progress, please contact Tania Blunden at 902-431-8565 to arrange a meeting where we can discuss how your support will ensure Grammar continues its mission of helping students and faculty challenge conventional thinking and aspire to excellence.


Steven Laffoley '84

@HalifaxGrammar #OneGrammar #EngagingExcellence

General project facts:

September 14, 2017: Engaging Excellence campaign launched publicly.

  • May 30, 2017: Ground broken on new Tower Road Campus expansion.
  • Regional Council approved our plan unanimously, with support from City staff, the Peninsula Halifax Planning Advisory Committee and the Heritage Advisory Committee.
  • The broader Halifax community will benefit from our new gymnasium (league games, tournaments) and theatre/multipurpose room (live performances, meetings).
  • We are preserving and updating our original, historic Tower Road School building.
  • We maintain an open dialogue with you, our neighbours and other stakeholders, to inform you of our progress and to better understand and address your interests and concerns on an ongoing basis.