New TRC drop-off/pick-up, no parking

Dear Grammar community member,

Due to the theatre demolition, the Tower Road Campus (TRC) parking lot is now closed for parking but the driveway will remain available for daily drop-off and pick-up until the end of the school year.

Details: Please use the TRC driveway as if it had two lanes:

  1. A through lane on the left (closest to Tower Road) for entering and exiting, and
  2. A stopping lane on the right, up against the construction fence, for drop off and pick up.

The entry and exit points are not changing.

Action: Please do not stop inside the TRC driveway entrance or exit, but pull ahead and stop along the fence to allow other Grammar family members and visitors to flow in and out of the driveway as easily as possible.

To maximize your convenience, please consider the following:

  • Plan to arrive at TRC earlier to avoid and reduce traffic congestion
  • Plan to make your drop offs and pick ups along Inglis, Tower, Ivanhoe, or Atlantic streets, or at The Tower across the street at Saint Mary’s University. Those heading to the TRC can then safely use crosswalks to reach the school.

We certainly recognize that these changes are inconvenient, but we also recognize that they represent exciting, tangible steps toward the completion of our single Grammar campus.

As always, many thanks to you for your continued support and encouragement as we look forward to securing a strong, sustainable future for Grammar – one where our teachers and students come together on a single Tower Road Campus, inspired by our foundational premise to challenge conventional thinking and aspire to excellence.


Steven Laffoley ‘84

Headmaster @HalifaxGrammar #OneGrammar #EngagingExcellence

P.S. These One Grammar updates are now archived for easy reference in the new "News and Events" window on our Engaging Excellence page.

Click here for Grammar’s Engaging Excellence campaign, One Campus vision, and drawings

Project Facts:

  • Regional Council approved our plan unanimously, with support from City staff, the Peninsula Halifax Planning Advisory Committee and the Heritage Advisory Committee.
  • The broader Halifax community will benefit from our new gymnasium (league games, tournaments) and theatre/multipurpose room (live performances, meetings).
  • We are preserving and updating our original, historic Tower Road School building.
  • We maintain an open dialogue with you, our neighbours and other stakeholders, to inform you of our progress and to better understand and address your interests and concerns on an ongoing basis.