New TRC drop off/pick up

Dear Grammar community member,

I hope you and your family have had a restful and rewarding summer break and that all are ready for what promises to be an extraordinary year at Grammar.

If you have not seen the Tower Road Campus (TRC) since June, I expect you will be in awe of how much progress has taken place. The new building is nearly framed up and will soon be ready for exterior walls and a roof.

In line with this one-campus work, there are some important developments to share:

Item 1: Relocation of the Tower Road Campus Pick-Up/Drop Off Area

Details: The berm that once separated the playground from the Tower Road sidewalk has been removed to craft a new, one-way lane for student drop off and pick up.

The entry point of this new driveway is located at southern end of the TRC (nearest Atlantic Street) while the exit is situated at the north end (where cars once entered the parking lot).

This new driveway has been designed with student safety as our priority. Signs have been installed to clarify how cars should proceed, and staff will be on hand each morning and afternoon for the first two weeks to ensure the safe movement of vehicles and students.

This new TRC driveway will have two lanes to be used as follows:

  1. A left-side through lane (closest to Tower Road) for entering and exiting;
  2. A right-side drop-off/pick-up lane (closest to the school) for drop off and pick up. (Do note that, in deference to all and in the interests of efficient traffic movement, the drop-off/pick-up lane is not for parking. Should you need to leave your car, I ask that you use street parking; and finally,
  3. The exit from the TRC driveway will be right turn only. This will allow for more efficient movement of traffic back onto Tower Road. Parents wanting to drive to the ASC need only take three further right-hand turns. 

To ensure ease and efficiency in your travels to and from the school, I encourage you to consider the following:

  • Plan your travel times accordingly, perhaps leaving home earlier;
  • Drop students off along Inglis, Tower, Ivanhoe, or Atlantic streets, or at The Tower (Saint Mary’s University), from where they can use the crosswalks; and/or
  • Arrange a carpool with other families. (Parent information may be found at Please contact the office, if you require a username and password.)

I understand and appreciate that the above changes will be inconvenient for some. However, these are the necessary steps we must take toward the realization of our one-campus dream.

As always, many thanks for your continued support and encouragement as we look forward to securing a strong, sustainable future for Grammar – one where our teachers and students come together on a single Tower Road Campus, inspired by our foundational premise to challenge conventional thinking and aspire to excellence.

I look forward to seeing you next week.


Steven Laffoley '84


@HalifaxGrammar #OneGrammar #EngagingExcellence

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Project Facts:

  • Regional Council approved our plan unanimously, with support from City staff, the Peninsula Halifax Planning Advisory Committee and the Heritage Advisory Committee.
  • The broader Halifax community will benefit from our new gymnasium (league games, tournaments) and theatre/multipurpose room (live performances, meetings).
  • We are preserving and updating our original, historic Tower Road School building.
  • We maintain an open dialogue with you, our neighbours and other stakeholders, to inform you of our progress and to better understand and address your interests and concerns on an ongoing basis.