Support continues to grow

Dear Grammar Community member,

Just eighteen months ago, we set in motion our One Grammar dream. Since then, we have made extraordinary progress, including 100% participation from faculty, staff, and the Board, as well as receiving many significant gifts from our Grammar community.

As a consequence, we are now closer than ever to reaching our $10 million goal. In fact, in just the three months since publicly launching our Engaging Excellence campaign, we have reached $8.5 million. Certainly, this is an impressive, indeed unprecedented, achievement. But aspiring to, and reaching, such excellence is something Grammar has always done well. Many times over the past year and a half, I have reflected on our sixty-year history. Proudly independent, Grammar has always been funded solely by our community members. That is to say, we have always looked to our own community to realize our dreams.

For examples, I encourage you to visit our Engaging Excellence Campaign website,, where you will not only see our updated campaign roadmap and reflect on our fundraising progress to date, but you will read two new donor profiles: alumni parents Brian MacLellan (Aleka '08 and Niko '10) and Gordon Stirrett (Scott '09), who continue to commit themselves to Grammar’s dreams. They share their personal stories of altruism and leadership in the Grammar community.

We are certainly grateful for the generous support we have received so far from students, parents, and community members. Still, there is much work to do. If you have yet to offer your gift to Grammar, I ask that you contact Tania Blunden at 902-431-8565 and arrange a meeting where we can talk about the One Grammar dream and how your generosity will ensure we continue to challenge conventional thinking and aspire to excellence.

As always, thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we look forward to securing a strong, sustainable future for Grammar.


Steven Laffoley '84
@HalifaxGrammar #OneGrammar #EngagingExcellence

General project facts:

  • The Engaging Excellence campaign launched publicly on September 14, 2017.
  • Regional Council approved our plan unanimously, with support from City staff, the Peninsula Halifax Planning Advisory Committee and the Heritage Advisory Committee.
  • The broader Halifax community will benefit from our new gymnasium (league games, tournaments) and theatre/multipurpose room (live performances, meetings).
  • We are preserving and updating our original, historic Tower Road School building.
  • We maintain an open dialogue with you, our neighbours and other stakeholders, to inform you of our progress and to better understand and address your interests and concerns on an ongoing basis.