One Grammar: 3rd house purchase = TRC green space

Dear Grammar community member,

As we get closer to welcoming students to our unified and expanded Tower Road Campus (TRC) this September, I am pleased to provide an exciting update on our One Grammar vision and project.

  • Purchase of 909 Tower Road: We have just completed the board-approved acquisition of 909 Tower Road, the lot on the corner of Tower Road and Atlantic Street. This means we now own all three Tower Road lots extending from the TRC south to Atlantic Street.
  • 13,440 square feet of new green space: The three houses will be safely and responsibly demolished and the three lots converted into a 13,440 square-foot green space for the enjoyment of Grammar students and our community - a rare and wonderful opportunity for us in the South End of Halifax.

  • Playground closure: We will keep you advised if it becomes necessary to temporarily close the TRC playground and/or pick-up/drop-off area during school hours to accommodate site demolition and development.

While we can all be very proud that Grammar has been able to secure all three lots over the years for the creation of much-needed green space on Tower Road, our number one priority continues to be the safety of all students and community members who could be affected by the One Grammar construction project.

As was our practice with the demolition of the TRC theatre one year ago, all three houses were tested for hazardous materials and asbestos was found. This is common for homes constructed prior to 1980.

As part of the demolition strategy led by our construction partner, Armour Group, trained asbestos removal professionals have been hired to manage it is safe and responsible removal and disposal.

Below is the projected preparation and demolition schedule. Please note that, as with all renovation projects, these timelines are estimates and are subject to change:

  • Site preparation: fencing, safe asbestos removal – June 4 to 18

  • House demolition: June 18 to 29

  • Landscaping: timing to be determined

We will continue monitoring the demolition strategy to determine if and how it could affect students on the TRC playground and those using the drop-off and pick-up area. We will provide you with updates should conditions dictate.

As always, many thanks to you for your continued support and encouragement as we look forward to securing a strong, sustainable future for Grammar – one where our teachers and students come together on a single Tower Road Campus, inspired by our foundational premise to challenge conventional thinking and aspire to excellence.


Steven Laffoley '84

@HalifaxGrammar #OneGrammar #EngagingExcellence

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Project Facts:

  • The One Grammar vision and Engaging Excellence campaign represent a 100% Grammar-community-led and funded initiative.

  • Regional Council approved our plan unanimously, with support from City staff, the Peninsula Halifax Planning Advisory Committee and the Heritage Advisory Committee.

  • The broader Halifax community will benefit from our new gymnasium (league games, tournaments) and theatre/multipurpose room (live performances, meetings).

  • We are preserving and updating our original, historic Tower Road School building.

  • We maintain an open dialogue with you, our neighbours and other stakeholders, to inform you of our progress and to better understand and address your interests and concerns on an ongoing basis.